Music That Never Was

New LP by Magus

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Music That Never Was

The first ever Magus album is now released and is titled 'The Music That Never Was'. It is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from the Magus back catalogue, spanning half a decade of music creation and live gigs.

In total there are 7 tracks featured from the backlog of the Magus studio in London and some recordings from Denmark. The album is released with a big thank you to our loyal following over the years and psytrance fans that enjoyed our music.

Label: +Dream Team
Format: WAV, MP3
Release: 11/2011

1. Huspetakel
2. Liquid Mint
3. Tura Buna Ce
4. Nature In the Machine
5. Stretching Lizards
6. Word Salad
7. Something for Nothing

You can preview it now on iTunes.



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